Thursday, March 28, 2013

Just a little update

 This blog was actually created months ago and already supposed to host my story, but in the end I decided to post everything on the same blog to keep everything together. But it's been bugging me to post my story and downloads at the same place, and I recently decided that given the fact that I will be working on the first append after the end of chapter four, I needed to do something.

 I have managed to move my first three chapters over here and I am quite happy with the move as it also retained the comments. I have left the originals in place for now but I will not publish the new chapters there.

 Back then I think I got rid of a lot of gadgets, including the one for followers, and sadly it's not available anymore. They changed it to something linked to Google+ pages. So if you would like to follow my blog, you can do so directly adding the url into your reading list by pressing the 'Add' button, or add the link to your blog list gadget.

 I will also keep posting the new chapters update on the Facebook page but I might not post the chapters there past chapter 10, I will see... I still have to make it that far! With me it could take up to a year or two v.v

 I will finish by saying chapter four is half way finished! Because of real life it might take me another week or so to finish, but it should be up shortly, followed by an append episode related to it.
So keep posted, and happy simming everyone!

Pose, pen and notebook by Pickypikachu


  1. I'm happy because you'll post your story here as you're doing
    The followers gadget is Still Available
    It's in the Gadgets->Others (Or More)
    Add it and Yep, I added it to my blog the last day :D

    1. Yes I will, wait for a few surprises ;)
      That is if I can work on it x3

      I just checked again and I don't have the option.
      I will show you tomorrow.

  2. YAY!!! That is all I can say about that!!!

    1. Thank you Paula xD
      I know you have been waiting for chapter 4 for a while, I am sorry it's delayed as I am working on poses for it that involve new accessory and object, and I am trying to get them looking decent enough at least to take screenshots, I can fix them later.