I will try and keep this updated as I install/use more CC, but if you find a broken link or think that I forgot someone, it can happen so please let me know. As a note I am 'missing' the links for Memory Moon as I found her poses on Sims Cave and the site closed.
-Edit: Sims Cave reopened so I will see to get the links if the poses have been reuploaded -

Agapi r: Clothes
Aikea Guinea: Objects, Poses
All about style: Clothes
Altea127: Clothes, Eye contacts, Lipstick
Angela: Objects
AnoeskaB: Objects
Anubis: Hair
Armiel: Objects
Artist Kate: Poses
Ausagi: Poses
aWT: Sliders, Poses

BeechNutBaby: Poses
bella3lek4: Accessories, Sliders
beo2010: Clothes, Patterns
Berry Sweet: Poses
Birba32: Accessory, Clothes
Black Sweety: Accessory
Brown Sims: Lipsticks
Buhudain: Mods, Poses
Butterflysims: Hair
Buzzler: Mods
BYHSD: Objects

c0_0kie: Lipsticks
Camille: Objects
Carriesims: Clothes
Cazy: Hair
Cemre: Clothes
Circa: Poses
Clarisse: Lot, Poses
Clio: Objects
CloudwalkerNZ: Accessories
CmarNYC: Mods
cmomoney: Objects, Pose Player, Mods
Cobalt Rose Production: Poses
Coasterboi: World 

Darkfairy: Clothes
DarkoSims3: Clothes
Delight33: Poses
Dill: Poses

EA Store: Accessories, Clothes, Hair, Objects
Ekinege: Clothes
Elexis: Clothes, Hair, Poses
Enchanting58: Clothes
Ephemera: Skin
eris3000: Objects
Ernhn: Clothes
eryt96: Object
EverNever: Patterns, Poses

Fofuxxo: Accessory
Forever Hailey: Poses
Fresh Prince: Accessories, Cars
Frisbud: Clothes

Garden Breeze: Objects
Ginko: Accessories
Gosik: Clothes, Objects, Stairs
Granthes: OMSP & CC Magic

HarukoMitsu: Poses
Holy Simoly: Objects
hudy777DeSign: Doors, Windows
HystericalParoxysm: Mods

iamcoming: Objects (several sites, I will find a link)
Icia23: Clothes
IMHO: Poses
Inge: Mods
Inna Lisa: Poses

Jasumi: Accessories, Mods, Poses
Juba_0oº: Poses

K2m1too: Poses
Kaleeko: Poses
Katelys: Objects
KaTIOwKa: Poses
Kiara24: Clothes, Hair
Kiddo: Lot, Poses
Kiroro: Accessories
Kittensy: Poses
Klavix: Clothes, ND Skin

Lady Frontbum: ND Skins
Lapiz Lazuli: Hair
Lemonleaf: Accessories, Clothes, Lipstick, ND Skins
Lily of the Valley: Objects 
Lorandia sims: Clothes
Lulu265: Objects
Luna: Objects
Luna Yue: Clothes, Objects

Memory Moon: Poses
Mensure: Objects
Minicart: Clothes, Patterns
Modern Lover: Poses
MsAdrienne: Poses
MTMoirae: Accessories, Hair, Objects
Mura: Poses
Murano: Objects
Mypalsim: Poses

NataliS: Accessories, Clothes
Newsea: Hair
Nraas Industries: Mods
NyGirl: Clothes

Oh My Sims: Poses

Pammie: Poses
Peggy: Accessories, Hair, Lipsticks, Objects, D Skin
Pete: S3PE, S3OC
Pralinesims: Eyeliners, Lipsticks, Patterns, ND Skin
Prowler Tylo: Clothes, Poses

R2M: Poses
Rose: Accessories, Clothes, Hair, Patterns

Saliwa: Clothes
Sandrine C27: Earring
Screaming Mustard: Accessories, Clothes
Severinka: Accessories, Objects
SHaninily: Clothes, Poses
Shianae: Poses
Simiversity: Objects
SIMul8rReviews / SeeMiyu: Poses
Sims3D: Objects
Sims3 Pose Play: Poses
Skylar: Poses
Spladoum: Poses
Sylvanesence: Poses

Tamo: Accessory, Lipstick
The Grown-ups are lying: Replacement paintings
The Land of WOE: Accessories, Objects, Patterns, World
The Sims Artists Union: Clothes
The Sims Key: Clothes, Object, World
The Sims resources: TSR Workshop
Traelia: Poses
Tum Tum Simiolino: Hair, Poses
Twinsstar: Poses

Ulker: Hair

Virtual Artisan: Clothes, Mods
Visty6: Poses

Watermelon: Clothes, Makeup
Whiterider: Mods
Wsimman: Poses

XMSims: Hair

Yuki: Poses

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